Did you know YouTube is now 2nd largest social media platform in the world?

Social on YouTube means joining a conversation

Why you should be thinking about your strategy for video in a more social way…  

It is the largest and best known online broadcast platform for entertainment, and an absolutely vast place to discover interesting and creative material, solve problems, learn how or how not to do things. It’s where audiences search to learn anything and everything – from the latest trailers, music playlists, fixing your bike, surfing, yoga, to teaching kids their A-B-C’s. Each channel has a voice, an owner whose choice of messages and stories they craft and chose to share.

 Here are a few key reasons to focus on YouTube alongside your social media channels

  • 15-24-year-olds use YouTube so regularly it the most popular social network for this age group. 

Google research shows 83% of the UK teens are on the platform each month. These young audiences don’t ‘do’ TV in the same way as older viewers. Nearly 40% of UK YouTube traffic for this audience comes from mobile devices meaning they are on the go- or on a small format screen. Your opportunity to engage with a young audience can be at any time of the day, and on a small personal screen. Does your content and the ads you run truly work for this format?

  • Conversely, YouTube is not just about the teens – Monthly use is pretty healthy for all ages groups; 83% 15-24, 77% 25-34, 70% 35-44, 64% 45-54 and 46% 55+

It's not just “for the kids" :) Adults are just as likely to use video searches to find products, ideas, preview content and laugh at videos. Thinking about what your audience would find useful or entertaining will mean it speaks to them. 

  • YouTube smashes Facebook for brand engagement. 

While many brands have incredibly large Facebook communities, their average engagement rate (at least for comments) pales in comparison to that of YouTube at a rate of 20:1 [Read more on the excellent ReelSeo site in the full article] 

  • Video is the top data source in universal search results. According to analytic and data specialists Social Bakers, video is 53X more likely to appear in search results than traditional webpages. A simple, short demo of your product could yield much better results than a static image. Filming doesn’t need to be flashy, just helpful and clear.