Otherland works with companies across Media, Entertainment, Film, Publishing and Tech

The following are some of the recent clients and projects worked on:

Arts Alliance, Channel Strategy

The newly formed Arts Alliance saw the merger of Mr Wolf Presents and the Art Alliance Event Cinema team to create a one-stop-shop finance, production, marketing and distribution company dealing in Event Cinema. The project involved creating a Channel Strategy for the team, identifying how the team could use the video assets they owned or represented to build their own B2B brand.

BigBalls films, World Cup Campaign

Brazil 2014 was a huge opportunity for the popular YouTube channel Copa90, and it's parent company Bigballs films wanted to use the increased attention to raise awareness of their brand and ambitions. The task was to create a Marketing Plan and worked on PR for the channel and the digital production company. 

The Exploration Society, Marketing Strategy & Promotion

The Exploration Society provides Adventurous Outdoors Education for children from years 4+, and wanted to increase the promotion of their Training days, Expeditions and Adventure Days. Kate created a plan focussed on social media, online video and publicity to help the growing Start-up increase their visibility online and profile with parents in the London area.