Helping companies work out how to use video for marketing and improve their presence on YouTube and other social video platforms


Otherland develops strategies that will help you grow an audience for your content and channels and build a community of fans. Giving you advice and making recommendations on the following areas:

  • What you should be doing with your brand on YouTube
  • What type of video content to make, publish and curate
  • Production partners to work with
  • How to work with YouTube Talent and find the right Creators for your brand
  • Branding advice and creative direction
  • Creative collaborations with other brands
  • Improving integration of social activity with paid media spend
  • Channel Optimisation – improve your content for Google search
  • MCN (Multi-Channel Networks) advice and guidance on what they offer
  • Publicity and promotion strategy for your channel and video content
  • ContentID – what is it and what to be aware of when using music and third-party footage
  • Training and support for teams