The YouTube community is unique, and brands and companies don’t always get how to communicate with young audiences in this world.

To many companies this is like another land, where you need to understand the conversation and culture to be authentic with your message. It’s not hard, you just need to know where to start and pick the right approach.

How can you not love YouTube? It is the go-to online broadcast platform for video entertainment. It is a vast place to find creative talent and learn about anything. Not only this but there are huge audiences, the site has all with the functionality of a social media platform.

Many brands, companies and individuals use the platform to host their content, yet do use their channel to engage with their audience in an integrated way with their other social media channels.

Online video marketing is exciting. You can choose to create your own and/or share what others make via Playlists and comments. It's ideal to have experience and knowledge of production, social media, promotion and PR and so for many brands it's a daunting knowing where to start...

Otherland was created to help everyone get better at marketing with online video on YouTube.